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RiverLog is commited to quality service to clients. We place dedicated software developers to attend to clients technical issues, a direct tier 1 support model.

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    Technical Consultations at your site
    Training & Development
    Transportation & Logistics
    Hotel Chains

Our People

Architects with more than twenty years of experience

    Engineers highly trained using modern techniques.
    Modern technology and tools
    Architecture Validations & Rapid Development


Low Cost Of Development
    Best practices yeilding high revenue
    Extensive portfolio of clientele
    Service Orientation

Exceptional Service

    RiverLog's support is based on tier 1 support model. This enables clients to directly contact our engineering staff without time delays. We utilize SCRUM methodologies managed by efficient technical SCRUM masters to attain the above.
      Tier 1 Support model can only be achieved and must ONLY be executed by companies who approach
      software engineering in a disciplined manner. If utilized without frameworks, it can cause drastic repercusions leading to un-manageable task and resource allocations.

      Advanced Use Of Technology

        RiverLog has invested resources, time and money on research on most modern technology. We conduct technology research on various domains from time to time. This core information gathered by our technical staff goes through a "Think Tanks". We derive equations based on hearing from "Think Tank" sessions that are utilized to deliver high quality of service through most modern technologies. We belive, that, this research and conclusion effort mentioned above will drive more business and provide high return on investment to our clients.
          Talk to us for a detailed half day workshop. Let us "partner". Make Information Technology, work for your business.

          Understanding Visually

            Business analytics provided the insights necessary for organizations to attain results from predictive modelling. Thereafter, tools extenively used this technique of predictive analytics from existing data. But data has grown and businesses have grown.Today there are tools available, that can predict the future of business. Combined with stragy and planning, having attained results from your past data and using existing repositories from your domain, a futuristic stage of your enterprise can be easily Drawn.
              Talk to us for a detailed half day workshop. Let us "partner". Make Information Technology, work for your business.

              The Z-team

                RiverLog recruitment effort uses best practices and uses software tools to choose best of the breed technical hands. RiverLog believes in people. Our process calls for good accademic backgrounds in candidates. Along with these accademic backgrounds, we need candidates/students to have a good sense of teamwork, intellectual capacity and citizens of good behaviour qualities. The rest can be moulded. Our extensive on the fied, hands on training from very experienced architects, engineers and business analysts and other technical people, provide freshers with required tools to combat complex problems. They become YOUR TRUSTED PARTNER in business. We provide them to you. For specific client requirements in specialzed areas such as SECURITY, COMPOSITE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT, INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS AND ROBOTICS, we form Z-teams and approach problems. This formation has achieved great results for government organizations and private sectors equally. Please check our white paper on the subject "Security provisioning and threat evasion for protection of Individual Identity Data"
                  Talk to us for a detailed half day workshop. Let us "partner". Make Information Technology, work for your business.